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How hard is it to start a blog?

11 Jan

I’ve wanted to blog for a while, but I feel like you can’t have a blog without also having an Etsy store and a penchant for scarves and Arcade Fire. I don’t necessarily think I have any specific purpose for blogging but it seems that chronicling my life online will be cathartic for me if nothing less, and it might possibly enlighten someone else who’s dealing with the same daily crises that I live with. So with that in mind, here’s a little intro into who I am:

My name is Andrea. I’m 28 years old, and I live in Chicago. I specifically live in Boystown, which is an area of Chicago inhabited primarily by gay men. I am not gay but I do love this neighborhood, and my neighbors have also become some of my best friends in the world so I wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else. I am currently unemployed because I have narcolepsy, and no matter how much FMLA (Family & Medical Leave Act) and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) protection I have through the government, my employers still find loopholes that allow them to fire me without penalty. I have a B.A. in English from Monmouth College in Monmouth, IL (class of 2006) where I was also a member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority. I currently attend Full Sail University for my masters degree, and I was previously studying Internet Marketing but now I need to select a different program at that school for a variety of bullshit reasons (which I will get into at a later date). I also have two cats named Sawyer and Finn, and I am giving you fair warning now that I love them more than anything and I will probably talk about them more than necessary. In fact, here’s a picture to get started:

kittens resized

That was when they were only 12 weeks old, on the night they came home from the shelter. They’re 4 years old now and fatter, but still so adorable that it causes me physical pain.

I was raised by my mom, who divorced my dad when I was 2 years old. I am still very close to my dad and they are both good friends, even after my mom married my stepdad in 2003…on Valentines Day, in Las Vegas, by an Elvis impersonator. I watched via webcam while doing tequila shots in my friend’s dorm room. It seemed like a healthy reaction. My mom is one of my best friends, and I honestly tell her everything I do. My stepdad and I had a great deal of friction when he first entered my life, and although we still clash on things, we have definitely developed a great relationship. My dad and I are frighteningly similar so we argue a lot, but we have gotten closer as I’ve gotten older. He’s currently recovering from prostate cancer, as well as living with diabetes and PTSD, which can all be traced back from Agent Orange poisoning when he was a Marine in Vietnam. Continue reading