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Nothing is sexier than a comedian

15 Jan

So my best friend Jill and I went to see Nick Kroll at Second City last night, and he was AMAZING. I don’t know about anyone else, but there is literally nothing sexier than a comedian:

2013-01-13 22.29.23

If you watch “The League,” and I’m assuming you do, he’s the guy who plays Ruxin. He’s also now #3 on my list of comedians that I would like to receive as birthday presents (#1 is Andy Samberg, #2 is Jon LaJoie, a.k.a. Taco on “The League”).

But enough about that…I’m starting to sound a little too much like I did at age 14 and I thought that ‘N Sync was the epitome of human existence.

Being at Second City was weird too, because I used to take classes in the training center there. I really miss it and I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I step back into the building last night. Not to toot my own horn, but I was pretty damn good at improv, and I keep trying to remember the flimsy reason I gave to talk myself out of pursuing it further. I think I’m afraid of success or rejection or both, and it sucks because shouldn’t a fear of both those things cancel them out? I’ve always had this fantasy of being a cast member on SNL, which is a lofty ambition but I’ve seen some of the people on there and I’m just as good. Continue reading